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How Artificial Intelligence Innovations are Used in the Fitness Industry



How Artificial Intelligence Innovations are Used in the Fitness Industry Trending News in India

It’s hard to find an industry that isn’t in the process of being transformed by digital technologies, and the world of fitness is no exception. While people have been working out or exercising for decades, if not centuries, how they’re doing so is rapidly evolving. Here is how artificial intelligence innovations are used in the fitness industry.

Technologies like digital wearables enhanced with artificial intelligence are a natural fit for the fitness industry. Some of these products and solutions have already seen increasingly widespread adoption, while others are only beginning to penetrate consumer consciousness.

Finally, coming full circle into the field of fitness-related is AI. Advances in AI allow for more responsive, customizable, and immersive digital fitness assistants and helpers with each successive year.

AI-Based Personal Trainers

One aspect of fitness that has consistently brought people out to their local gym has been a lack of expertise. If you want a sustainable and effective workout routine, you need to consult with someone who knows what works and what doesn’t. And until recently, that means working with a trainer or other fitness professional.

Neural Networks and Trainers

But by harnessing the power of neural networks and AI, digital personal trainers can fill in for that role, tailoring and overseeing workouts from the comfort of users’ homes. The AI-based personal trainers use various AI algorithms to simulate or even surpass the know-how of a human trainer.

The AI-based personal trainers see a noticeable surge in popularity due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As people continue to deal with local lockdowns and are reluctant to spend more time away from home than needed, digital personal trainers fill a void when it comes to fitness guidance.

AI-based personal trainer offerings attack the concept in a variety of ways. Still, it’s worth taking a look at a couple in particular as representatives of some of the field’s possibilities.

Apps Leveraging AI Processes

The first we’ll look at is the Freeletics app, which leverages a series of AI processes to create a customized workout and then maintains and modifies it to optimize user preferences and development.

The Freeletics app begins by collecting a small amount of personal data. It then cross-references with a massive database of other users and workouts to create a suggested starting routine.

The app will then track the user’s progress and accept feedback to continue to sculpt their workout to their satisfaction. Whether it be general fitness, targeting individual muscle groups or areas of the body, weight loss, or other fitness goals, Freeletics uses machine learning.

With machine learning, the user gives feedback that will zero in on a routine a user can stick with over the long term.

Other apps use human pose estimation that detects and analyzes human posture during physical activities.

Data Gathered Through Apps

The Zenia app gathers data through the mobile camera, which is angled to capture the user’s workout. Under the hood, Zenia uses a sequence of neural networks and a database of hundreds of thousands of captured yoga poses and images.

The database allows the app to identify correct and incorrect postures, giving feedback on users’ form and progress.

AI  — Personal Coach

Creating AI personal coach apps, developers consult with fitness experts in creating the tools. This ensures that these apps have a foundation rooted in expertise within the fitness world and the power of machine learning.

The fusion of the two allows AI-based personal trainers to offer a compelling alternative to the gym, which an increasing number of fitness seekers prefer.

Smart Clothes and Wearables

An even more intimate application of AI tech in the realm of fitness is smart clothes and wearable devices. These products can monitor exercise or athletic endeavors in real-time through readings of biometric measures.

The motion-capture gathers data and offers feedback and guidance either after the fact or when the user is still engaged in their activity.

Smart Wearables

Asensei is a smart apparel developer offering a suite of shirts and pants capable of tracking users’ movements engaged in body movement exercises like lunges, squats, and similar routines.

The Asensei smart clothes use motion capture and AI technology to compare the user’s angles and range of motion to acceptable norms of exercise form and can correct users in real-time to create good exercise habits.

Sensoria offers a similar AI-based wearable system, this one specially tailored to jogging and running. The Sensoria platform gathers data from smart garments (whether Sensoria’s own or other IoT-enabled garments).

The data measures a range of motions and biometrics. This includes heart rate, rate of foot landing and cadence, and impact forces while running.

The Sensoria analysis not only offers suggestions for optimization and improvements for a workout routine but can monitor and spot potential injuries-in-waiting and identify weak points in the kinetic chain.

The Sensoria system is designed with an eye on both fitness and wellness for users engaged in an active lifestyle.

Wearables for Exercise Tech

Nadi is a smart clothes creator-focused specifically on yoga, using many of the same AI and body capture technologies to produce smart yoga pants.

These leggings connect wirelessly to an app for mobile devices, and the mobile app offers a yoga tutorial working through a predetermined routine.

Meanwhile, the leggings themselves utilize a series of gentle vibrations to offer guidance on which parts of the body should be focused on at each step of the routine.

Real-Time Data

These and other smart clothing and wearable manufacturers are starting to scratch the surface of the power AI has when it can be fed real-time data on granular body movements.

Analyzing and offering instruction at that level of precision allows for a greater level of control of a workout than we’ve ever seen before.

AI-Driven Diet Planning

Long before AI was a viable commercial technology, digital diet planning was a massive part of the fitness market.

Tracking calories and meals online and on mobile devices has been popular for more than a decade. With a profusion of competing apps and websites offering services of highly variable quality.

Limitations of the Users

The recurring problem or limitation of many of these solutions is the amount of work they ask the user to do and the expertise they expect from their users. AI has the potential to fix many of these issues.

AI Helps in the Specifics

One area where AI can help is in the easy identification of foods for meal logging.

Asking users to painstakingly enter each of their meals and snacks is far more time consuming than asking them to snap a simple photo.

And apps like Calorie Mama offer the ability to calculate the calories within a dish or meal through a picture.

If users can log their calories with a minimum effort, motivation to stick with a diet plan increases significantly.


Meanwhile, apps like FitGenie and Neutrino leverage AI-based analytics to tailor meal plans and caloric targets for individual users’ requirements.

By gathering user info up-front and as time goes on, these apps can tap into huge databases of foods, metabolic and physiognomic ranges.

All of the data measurements can chart fitness goals and create recommendations customized to an exacting standard.

Wellness and Fitness

As time goes on, we realize that wellness and fitness are often an intensely personal journey and that one size very much doesn’t fit all.

AI has the potential to discover what works for any given person, even if that diet or routine is significantly different than what works for anyone else.

The Diet Industry

For decades, the diet planning industry has been stunted by untapped promise, often delivering results to a small subset of people while failing the majority of users.

AI-based solutions may be the key that unlocks a wider-spread success rate.

Artificial Intelligence innovations are transforming nearly every industry, and market in existence to one extent or another, or else will be in the near future. It’s already starting to change the fitness industry and the way people exercise and take care of their bodies.


As we grapple with a world forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the possibilities for major changes in consumer behavior are as great as they’ve ever been.

Whether it be smart apparel, AI personal trainers, or AI-driven diet planners, AI technology is making fast inroads in the fitness industry.

Integrating and expanding on the current offerings is the surest route to becoming a leader in the near future.

Serhii Maksymenko

I am a Data Science engineer at MobiDev (USA/Ukraine). My career started with iOS applications development but growing interest in various fields of AI. I’ve been working on different Data Science projects, from time series forecasting to face recognition. I am a speaker at the Machine Learning conference and author of articles in online Data Science communities.

Disclaimer: This story is auto-aggregated by a computer program and has not been created or edited by Trending News in India.

How Artificial Intelligence Innovations are Used in the Fitness Industry


The Content Marketing Dilemma Faced by New Tech Startups



The Content Marketing Dilemma Faced by New Tech Startups Trending News in India

The main dilemma here is whether startup tech entrepreneurs should still hold content marketing in high esteem, pursuing it as a main strategy, or whether they should move onto other techniques.

Generally, there are still plenty of opportunities for content marketing success. However, you’ll need to plan your strategy differently if you want to thrive in a saturated environment.

Research Your Competition

The first step is taking the time to research your competition. Even if you’re in a relatively new market, there are probably hundreds, or even thousands of businesses like yours already engaging in content marketing. Your first job is to determine just how good these competitors are and what kinds of tactics they’re using. This will help you immensely in the next step of the process.

Distinguish Your Brand

If you want any hope of succeeding in the saturated world of content marketing, you need some way to stand out. If your brand looks like a hundred others, nobody will even notice your business—let alone trust you.

After researching your competition, you should have an understanding of what your competitors are doing, what they’re doing well, and where they’re failing. Use this information to come up with a plan to distinguish yourself. In which ways is your brand unique? How can you position your brand uniquely in this environment?

For example, can you target a different demographic? Can you master a specific type of content? Can you appeal to your audience using different channels, or a different distribution method?

Avoid Common Topics By Delving Into a Niche

Common, generalized topics have already been done to death. They might get high search volume and lots of attention, but there’s no use going for them—they’re already oversaturated. Avoid this dilemma by writing content in a more specific niche; the more specific your topic is, the less likely it will be to have been covered in the past, and the fewer competitors you’ll face.

Create Original Research

You can’t have competition for something that’s truly original. Unfortunately, most generalized topics have already been explored—but you can always pave new ground in the realm of research. Present new statistical information or new findings to your audience, and carve out a new area of exploration.

Depending on the resources you have available, you could launch a scientific study, analyze data you’ve gathered from customers, or just run simple surveys and report on the results.

Tap Into New Platforms and Channels

Keep an eye out for new content marketing trends, including new platforms and channels that haven’t yet been flooded with new content creators. These are prime opportunities to distinguish yourself—and tap into resources before your competitors. New channels are risky, because they haven’t been tested, but if they happen to take off and you’re one of the earliest adopters, you could benefit massively.

Disclaimer: This story is auto-aggregated by a computer program and has not been created or edited by Trending News in India.

The Content Marketing Dilemma Faced by New Tech Startups

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6 Consumer Tech Products Taking the Market By Storm in 2021



6 Consumer Tech Products Taking the Market By Storm in 2021 Trending News in India

2020 may have paused normal activities for most people, but the tech world advances at an unprecedented pace. As engineers, coders, and inventors continue to push the envelope, it can be tough for consumers to keep up with each and every new development. We have Black Friday this week and in one week we have Cyber Monday. Here are six consumer tech products you’ll want to check out.

Not every tech trend finds its footing, but the ones that become a hit will have an irrevocable impact on how we do things.

It’s not always easy to know which new products will last and which won’t, but there are still a few products that all informed consumers should know about going into 2021 — here are some of the best:

  1. Gabb Wireless Kids Phones

The past year has taught everyone the importance of using technology in order to connect with others, and we need tools that can work for everyone. In particular, kids need devices that let them connect with friends and loved ones without having free reign over the internet.

Gabb Wireless has stepped up to fill this gap. Gabb has come up with a cell phone for kids that’s a must-purchase for parents in the coming year.

Gabb’s kids’ phones look and respond like modern smartphones while still featuring some key parental controls and usability upgrades needed for keeping children safe. Gabb’s products are great for teaching kids the basics of phone use, but parents concerned that their children are spending too much time on their devices will find a lot of value in what Gabb has to offer as well.

  1. Next Generation Gaming Consoles

Okay, so this probably isn’t new news to you, but the impact of both Microsoft and Sony launching their gaming consoles cannot be overstated. Competition between the new Xbox Series X and the PlayStation5 is poised to be particularly fierce this holiday season and beyond. Consumers need to keep their ears to the ground regarding console exclusives and performance specifications if they want to stay informed.

Those who didn’t score early pre-orders need not worry: it can sometimes take months or even years of reviews, patches, community feedback, and new releases to know which console is right for you. Whatever your preference, don’t expect the console war to cool off anytime soon — in fact, it’s just getting started.

  1. Flare Calmer Earplugs

Before, it was IMAX movies, rock concerts, and traffic that did our ears in  — now it’s the television, family arguments, and endless Zoom calls. In any case, wear and tear on the ears is common across all facets of society, yet earplugs have largely stayed the same for decades.

Enter Flare’s Calmer earplugs. Calmer earplugs don’t just block out sound — they filter the sound safely to your eardrum, dampening harmful, annoying vibrations and increasing sound quality in general. These earplugs only allow crystal clear sound to reach the inner ear. Calmer earplugs can make everything from talking on the phone to blasting music a more enjoyable experience.

  1. Zoom for Home

While promises of a vaccine may make the end of COVID-19 feel that much nearer — remote work is not going anywhere any time soon in several industries. Employees need something better than their years-old laptop display and webcam to communicate with family, friends and their team. Zoom for home has them covered.

Zoom for Home is a state-of-the-art 27-inch touchscreen that allows for seamless calls and breakout meetings. The interface is elegant, easy to use, and means that you no longer have to juggle between work and calls on a single monitor. Zoom is here to stay, and Zoom for Home makes that fact a lot more appealing.

  1. Plume Adapt

Speaking of working from home, consumers also realize that they need top-notch WiFi to stay productive at home. Nothing disrupts a workflow as much as losing your internet connection. Thankfully, smart home service provider Plume has the solution: Adapt from Plume HomePass.

Adapt is adaptive and proactive WiFi that uses AI cloud-based technology to learn how and when consumers use their devices. The system automatically optimizes itself to meet your WiFi needs on the devices that need it throughout the day.

For example, if you are on a zoom call every Monday morning at 10 and your two kids play video games every day from 10 to noon, Adapt will learn these behaviors and adjust the WiFi distribution so all family members can work and play seamlessly. These useful features will come in handy as many continue their work from home lifestyle into 2021.

  1. LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottle

COVID-19 has inspired more people than ever to hit the outdoors and appreciate nature in ways they never have before — being cooped up inside for months at a time can do that to a person. To accompany them, adventurers need a water bottle that can do more than just look good and store liquid.

The self-cleaning bottle from LARQ is perfect for people looking for ways to take their water everywhere without worrying about endless bottle maintenance. Each LARQ bottle contains a UV light that eliminates nearly all bio-contaminants, so long-haulers don’t need to pack a bottle-cleaning kit to go along with the rest of their gear. The LARQ bottle isn’t just for outdoorsy types, though — it’s for anyone who wants easy, regular access to the cleanest water they can get.

Tech is always pushing forward, but consumers have to know what to look for if they want to reap the benefits of that innovation. Consider this list a jumping-off point: this is just a taste of what the newest generation of tech has brought us, but the march forward never stops.

Image Credit: P C; Pexels

Brad Anderson

Editor In Chief at ReadWrite

Brad is the editor overseeing contributed content at He previously worked as an editor at PayPal and Crunchbase. You can reach him at brad at

Disclaimer: This story is auto-aggregated by a computer program and has not been created or edited by Trending News in India.

6 Consumer Tech Products Taking the Market By Storm in 2021

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Legends Gamer Pro: A New Way to Play Favorite Arcade Games



Legends Gamer Pro: A New Way to Play Favorite Arcade Games Trending News in India

In recent years, classic arcade games have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to Sega and other gaming companies. Now, AtGames has delivered its own take on connecting with these arcade games with its Legends Gamer Pro. Here is my review of this new gaming system.

About Legends Gamer Series

The Wireless Open and Connected Arcade™ include the Gamer Pro ($249.99)and Gamer Mini ($99) available on the company’s website. There are three arcade controller options and a separate game console. This review focuses on the Legends Gamer control top, which is a wireless arcade controller that works with the included Streaming Arcade Console as well as many other devices. The Streaming Arcade Console plugs and plays on all types of television displays. TV.

There are 100 – 150 built-in, licensed arcade and console games. These games feature different genres, such as action, puzzles, sports, casino, fighting, platform, and shooter games just to name a few.


The AtGames Legends Gamer control panel has arcade controls, including eight action buttons for each player. There is an arcade trackball as well as two sets of flipper and action buttons to create an authentic virtual pinball environment.

The console also allows you to save, pause, and rewind your arcade games. You can track and save high scores as well as change aspect ratios. You can add gamepads to play PC titles or allow gaming for up to four players.

Set-up and Play

As you may know from my other reviews, I am big on easy installation. Easy installation means a plug and play environment. The instructions were not as clear as I would like them to be to help me get it set up quickly.  What took the most time was trying to wirelessly pair the fight stick controller and the core. The short cables also made it challenging.

You also have to use the joystick and buttons to input your WiFi login information. And, if you use complex credentials for your WiFi, it is going to feel like this takes forever. You also need to create an AtGames account for online leader boards, firmware updates, and the ArcadeNet game streaming service.

Legends Gamer Pro

What I Like and What Could Be Improved

What stands out is the design and materials quality. It’s sturdy and feels like it will lap no matter how often it’s used. You can keep the console on your lap or play it from a table. All the features feel just like the features used in an old arcade game that I used to play down at my local mall.

In the previous section, I noted some of my frustrations around setting up the gaming system. If this could be improved, it would make it easier to get up and gaming rather than take about 45 minutes to an hour.

Also, while there are a lot of games you haven’t heard of, these are generally okay to play. I would definitely like to see more arcade games added in the near future to keep me and the kids engaged.

However, there is another aspect that I like connected to the games, which is a feature called BYOG, or Bring Your Own Games. To use this game, you need to download free software to convert your homebrew games and ROMs to a format that is compatible with AddOnX. Look on YouTube for how to do this because, again, the instructions that came with the device are not helpful.

In the Box

You will get the gaming console, the core that connects to your television, a one-foot HDMI cable, and a micro USB power cable for the core device.

The box also contains a USB charging and data cable to charge the arcade fight stick and send data between the fight stick and the core device. However, you do have the option for wireless connection, by connecting the fight stick and core through Bluetooth.

Overall Thoughts

The Legends Gamer Pro is a fun gaming experience for anyone who wants to relive or discover the authentic-feeling arcade experience without buying an original and bulky arcade game. Although it is somewhat expensive for somewhat limited arcade game options, you can integrate other games through the BYOG feature. It’s a good choice to add to your holiday wish list!

Brad Anderson

Brad Anderson

Editor In Chief at ReadWrite

Brad is the editor overseeing contributed content at He previously worked as an editor at PayPal and Crunchbase. You can reach him at brad at

Disclaimer: This story is auto-aggregated by a computer program and has not been created or edited by Trending News in India.

Legends Gamer Pro: A New Way to Play Favorite Arcade Games

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